05 Things To Do at Fraser’s Hill

From hiking through the rainforests to riding horses, here are five of the best activities to indulge in at Fraser's Hill, Malaysia.
Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash

Tucked away in the highlands of Malaysia, Fraser’s Hill is one of the most picturesque places in the country that you can spend your time at. Taking you back to the colonial-era, the mountaintop village offers visitors a wide array of activities; whether you want to sit back and reconnect with nature or explore the rich history of the village, there’s something for everyone.

Back in August of 2020, I had the pleasure of going to the hill station that dips within the clouds and was soon mesmerized by what the place had to offer. Here are five of the best activities that are waiting to be explored – some of them will definitely create lasting memories that you will be fond of.

Go on a hike and reconnect with nature

Needless to say, Fraser’s Hill offers some of the most spectacular hikes in Malaysia. The surrounding rainforests are just the perfect place to reconnect with nature. The best part is, Fraser’s Hill offers hiking trails that are fit for everyone! Whether you are a family, beginner, or the more serious hiker, there’s a trail you will definitely enjoy.

A list of all the hiking trails and their distance

Ride a horse at The Paddock

One of the most unique activities that the hill station offers is at the equestrian center “The Paddock” where adults and children can try out guided horse riding. The center houses retired racing horses, which you can ride around with a guide.

Shoot some arrows trying archery

Apart from offering horse rides, The Paddock also includes an archery range where you can spend some time shooting arrows and getting that practice on! And when you are tired from all the arrows, you can sit back and relax at the benches in the area, taking in all the greenery and majestic landscape.

Go paddle boating at Allan’s Water

Allan’s Water is a small lake located near the edible garden at the hill station. There’s a wide range of recreational activities you can enjoy here, with one of the highlights being paddle boating. It opens daily at 9:00am and stays open till 4:30pm and usually draws in crowds during the weekend.

Apart from paddle boating, you can also feed some very hungry fishes at the lake or take a jungle trail that goes along around the lake through the rainforest.

Soak it up at the Jeriau Waterfall

The Jeriau Waterfall is one of the most popular spots at the hill station, located about 4km away from the town center. The beautiful fall is pretty easily accessible – that is if you can brave the ride down there through the slopes on a narrow road. It definitely is a high-risk, high reward experience as the waterfall and its surroundings are a sight for your eyes!

While these are the more conventional things to do at Fraser’s Hill, there’s still a lot more to be done. Especially exploring the hill station on foot and seeking out some thrilling adventures at the abandoned buildings in the area is a pretty fun thing to do – if you are into that sort of things. There are quite a number of buildings famous for being haunted, or so people say! The cloudy cold weather of the hill station is enjoyed best on foot, going up and down between the mountains as you explore the town center with it’s golf course and clock tower!

If you’re in Malaysia or planning a trip here soon, a day trip to Fraser’s Hill could just be what you need to make it complete.