7 Things You Should Not Pack for a Trip to The Maldives

Planning a trip to the Maldives? Here's a list of 7 items you should not pack for the vacation!
Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

The Maldives with its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters have always been nothing short of a picture-perfect vacation. Like droplets of emerald, the green islands are nestled over the Indian Ocean like an artwork gifted from the heavens to the people. But first-time travelers may be unaware of what they need to pack, and what they should avoid.

While there are countless articles about the essential items to pack for a week in the Maldives, only a few can tell you what you should not bring to the Maldives – or what you wouldn’t need. Luckily, as a local, who better to tell you about it?

Warm Clothes

We all know the Maldives is a warm country all year round, and so it goes without explanation that no warm clothes are necessary! In the Maldives, temperatures are on average at a high of 30°C during the day at a low of 25°C by night. While the monsoon climate occasionally brings in rain, you might find it handy to pack a light cardigan or two if you really want. But overall, warm clothes should not be on your packing list to the Maldives at all.


Apart from the sunny weather, Maldives is famous for its white beaches. Beaches that would hate shoes of any kind. If you’re really planning a trip to the Maldives, shoes should be absolutely out of the picture. Most luxury resorts have a barefoot policy meaning that if you’re lucky, you can get away with no shoes at all! Although, for the beachy destination some sandals or flip-flops are better. If you have packed any shoes for a trip to the Maldives, this is the time to get them out of your luggage!

Hair Dryers

While most women would frown at the thought, trust me it’s the last thing you might be grabbing for in the Maldives. The humid weather usually is a known nemesis of most hairstyles. However, if you still need one don’t worry because almost 90% of all hotels and resorts in the Maldives provide their own hair dryers for you! That should save up a sizeable chunk in your luggage bag.

Sex Toys

Now this one might be a weird addition to this list, but Maldives is no stranger to honeymoon couples. And we know some couples are rather adventurous than others and like a little extra in their bedroom, but unfortunately the Maldivian laws completely prohibit the import of any pornographic material including sex toys. Unless you want an embarrassing moment at the airport, it’s better to not pack any of these into your luggage because will be confiscated by airport officials.

Religious Items

This is another category of materials that are prohibited to be brought into the Maldives. If you’re on a cross country trip and visiting the Maldives after having been somewhere else, this might be super important for you to consider. Items prohibited under this include idols of worship, bibles and anything that could fit into this category. So if you’ve gotten yourself a little souvenir of a laughing Buddha on your trip to Thailand, you might want to reconsider bringing that in to Maldives because it would definitely be confiscated.


As sad as it sounds, all types of liquor and alcoholic drinks are restricted. It could be easily forgotten while purchasing liquor and alcoholic products on the flight or duty-free shops while en route to the Maldives, but it’s heavily advised against. Any of these items will be confiscated upon arrival at the airport. However, worry not! All resorts in the Maldives have their liquor license and liquor, beer and other such alcoholic beverages are available at all tourist resorts.


With the Maldives officially recognizing themselves as a 100% Muslim nation, Pork is yet another item restricted from import. If you’re bringing in any snacks or food that has pork in it, it would be better to just leave them home. If you are bringing anything else, make sure that the label clearly states that the products are pork-free or at least make sure it’s not there in the ingredients list.