Scenes and Senses: The Six Senses Laamu Experience

My experience at the Six Senses Laamu, from barefoot luxury to stargazing and awakening my sixth sense.
Photo via Six Senses Laamu

Arriving at Six Senses Laamu was my favorite part of what could have been a very dull weekend. And I can guarantee that it would be the same for you, after your long journey to the Maldives. Laamu Atoll – which is just 35 minutes away from the capital, is home to Six Senses Laamu, the only resort in the atoll. ‘Sense of Speed’ – your transfer to the resort awaits you as you arrive at the airport, to be greeted by fresh lemonade to awaken your taste buds. Practicing a ‘bare-foot’ policy at the resort, guests are quickly requested to place their shoes in a cotton bag to truly embrace the ‘Six Senses’ experience.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by the ever so jubilant staff of the resort, and assigned a ‘Guest Experience Manager’ or as we call it, a GEM, who will tend to all of your needs during your stay at the resort. A short buggy ride later, you’ll arrive at your villa – and in my case, it was the Laamu Water Villa. Opening the door, I was greeted by the magnificent rays of the sun filling the room, complimenting every corner of the villa.

With a marvelous ocean vista, the villa provides direct access to the sea – but what truly thrilled me was the overwater netting hammock. Come night, I found myself lying on it staring at the cluster of stars above an unending and uninterrupted night sky. The glass bottom table on the sun deck was also the perfect blend of nature and comfort, which in turn served as a writing table during my stay; for someone who loves the ocean and stars as much as I do, it was pure heaven. The villa also comes with an outdoor rain shower and a glass bathtub that looks on the beautiful turquoise beneath. The treetop deck was also among my favorite spots of the villa, for the panoramic ocean infinity view it provided.

Getting around the island was fun – mostly because they provide customized bicycles for you, which come with your initials. It definitely brought me a sense of home – and, as embarrassing as it may be I had to request a tricycle because some part of me never really learned how to ride a bike. But as you ride along the island, you meet guests who never forget to smile and greet you – and you run into plenty of people on tricycles which made me feel a lot better! Somewhere along the road, you finally learn how to have fun riding a bicycle and that’s when your experience at Six Senses Laamu begins.

Home to one of the largest over-water complexes in the Maldives, the resort features five restaurants for you to indulge in. ‘Sip Sip’ is the sunken poolside eatery with promising pizzas and burgers while Japanese food is served at ‘Zen’ and ‘Chill Bar’ adds a Vietnamese Flair. The main restaurant, ‘Longitude’ is where your day will begin and end as you wine and dine overwater with the beautiful horizon to top off your dish. ‘Leaf’ restaurant and the surrounding garden area reiterates the resort’s commitment to sustainable tourism as homegrown herbs are used across the restaurants at Six Senses Laamu.

There’s a wide array of activities you could do to make your stay memorable at the resort. These include; fishing, diving, snorkeling, dolphin cruises, island hopping in addition to a lot more activities. The watersports center is a haven for surfers, who can enjoy the untainted local breakpoints all over the atoll.

The island resort also comes with its very own sandbank – which was among the highlights of my stay as I got to enjoy a sandbank dinner under the stars. Just a few minutes from the island’s main jetty, the journey to the sandbank was quite fun in ‘Pinkie’. Surrounded by an infinite view of the ocean and the setting sun spreading a thousand colors across the sky, I had quite a hearty conversation with Lora Hoare – the Marketing Communications Manager of Six Senses Laamu. As the sun set, and dinner proceeded, we were greeted by Orion and Virgo above our heads. Being a clear night, several constellations were visible – and I was beyond excited to point out stars and constellations, teaching Lora a bit of what intrigued me the most.

Back at the resort, the ‘Cinema Under The Stars’ was playing by the beach – having little to no light pollution definitely adds to the magnificence of the resort as the Milky Way is visible on the island across the sky. And to excite my senses even more, I got to stargaze at the island – learning a bit more about Antares, and seeing Saturn with its ring of asteroids.

For those of you who want to feel a bit more relaxed and find that inner peace, the Six Senses Laamu Spa has a great selection of treatments and holistic therapies. The spa treatments are given at nest-like cocoons built in the rich vegetation of the island – a feast for the eyes and mind!

At Six Senses Laamu, the ‘sixth’ sense is what you truly come to seek at the island getaway. And for me, it was peace of mind and a sense of reconnecting with myself; and I can definitely say that the whole experience of the island definitely had me awakening that sense. If you are traveling to the equator, this is the only resort that you should choose – and the only one that makes sense! (Obviously!) I know for one, that I would definitely return to this emerald gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean time and again.