Memories of Maldives: The Maldivian Culture of Souvenirs

Learn more about the different types of Maldivian souvenirs and how you can take away your own memories of Maldives.
A vase with Maldivian lacquer work | Photo via MvLacquer

Loved for its sunning sandy beaches, lush greenery and the majestic beauty that lies under the crystal-clear waters, Maldives is an exotic tourist destination for many. With hundreds of thousands of tourists spending their holidays in the Maldives every year, what the country has to offer them has also seen a drastic change. A core part of it is definitely the Maldivian souvenirs. After all, what better way is there to boast about a luxurious stay in the Maldives than an authentic Maldivian souvenir?

Available in various categories, Maldivian souvenir businesses offer visiting tourists the chance to carry a piece of Maldives back to their homeland. Authentic traditional souvenirs of the Maldives are amongst the most common type. These often include handicraft work such as “liyelaa”, which showcases intricately carved vases and more lacquer art.

The “Raa Bandhi” is another common souvenir which is popular among tourists. Used to collect toddy during the days, the “Raa Bandhi” souvenir comes in different sizes, some of which include a miniature version perfect for your key rings!

However, if you really want to capture the essence of the Maldives in a souvenir, you may like the shell jewelry, which is available at almost all of the souvenir shops. Surrounded by the sea, beaches of the Maldivian islands are often filled with different types of shells, beautiful in every possible way.

Other notable and very common souvenirs include wooden Dhoni’s, pencils and wood carvings which represent the natural beauty of the Maldives, the best art could.

Some of the most eye-catching souvenirs available in the Maldives would be the golden rays of the setting sun, captured through a painting on a plate. While a majority of the plate paintings focus on the stunning sunsets, some of them also showcase the “50 shades of blue” that the seas and skies of the country sport.

The capital city, Male’ is full of souvenir shops, and it would be no difficult task to find them as they are located in the heart of the main tourist attractions in the city. Different vendors have set up their stores next to each other, giving the visitors a chance to experience various items in just one place. Even the islands of the Maldives are developing souvenir shops at a fast rate, providing the service to the many tourists who visit various regions of the country.

All in all, if you ever visit the Maldives, one thing is for sure. You just have to have a Maldivian souvenir, maybe you could keep one of the plate paintings as a decorative ornament or maybe you could use the miniature “Raa Bandhi” as a key ring. And who knows, you might find the other items of good use too!